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colferswift replied to your photo:hello
your glasses are cute and so are you

love youuu

Same date. Same dress. Different man.

i hope i live until the year 3000 to see if people actually live underwater

finnickdair replied to your post: what do i have to do to get my followe…

sell ur soul to the dark lord aka voldemort

but i already did that to get this url

Anonymous whispered: My first crush ever ;) I'm still not completely over him (like what, 5 years later? omg) 9th grade, actually the typical type of guy I would never date because he seemed like a total d*ck, but I discovered that he was pretty sensitive if you get to know him better. He was kinda one of the "cool people" at school. I used to talk to him every now and then, but I've never told him to this very day :>

you should tell him!

what do i have to do to get my followers to message me tell me

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grantgust: be nice and choose happiness.